Essential #LaeOils

made with Light And Energy

#LaeOils product line offers both refreshing and protecting fine mist sprays. 

#LaeOils Refreshers can be used to reduce stress, increase focus, soothe muscles, purify the body, stabilize emotional balance, and support the immune system. The Refreshers can be used on your face and body as well within in your home on linens and to freshen the air. Refreshers come in three unique multi-purpose scents made from organic all-natural ingredients. 

The #LaeOils Protector smells of lemon and Roses, but do not mistake it as lightweight. It leaves no stains and repels bugs or ticks from coming near you upon application. #LaeOils Protector was first concocted for a trip to Africa, where the Safari company begged Leigh Anne to send them gallons upon return. You can be sure you are protected, safely.